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August 2014

14 - 20 August 2014

Cornish Pisky Pals - Summer Pisky Trail

A Cornish Pisky Trail consists of around 40 small named piskies being hidden around a venue. If you would like to take part in the trail you would need to buy a trail for £2 from the Cornish Pisky Pal stall, you then walk around looking for numbered markers. When you find one of the Cornish Pisky Pal's distinctive markers, then you look for a Cornish Pisky Pal hiding nearby. The name of the pisky can then be written next to it's number and the first letter of each pisky's names can be put together to make a Cornish Pisky Pals phrase.

The trails are primarily fun but have an educational aspect, encouraging reading and writing for a purpose, reinforcing numbers, letters and sequencing patterns as well as introducing an understanding and appreciation of our natural environment.

Trails and treasure hunts are a long standing popular family activity. By combining a trail with a family focused activity emphasising the healthy aspects of exercise and enjoying our beautiful environment. We positively promote caring for our own (and the Cornish Pisky Pals) environment.

A Cornish Pisky Pal Trail creates a real buzz of excitement as children hunt for and find little piskies! It's a great way to spend an hour or two and appeals to a wide age range.

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September 2014

12-14 September 2014

Newquay Fish Festival

The Newquay Fish Festival gives Newquay an opportunity to showcase one of its hidden gems ‘the harbour’. Now in its 11th year, the Newquay Fish Festival is one of Cornwall’s most established food and crafts shows.

There’s always a special atmosphere at the Newquay Fish Festival, a unique mix of Newquay’s vibrant holiday scene and the traditional fishing community of the old Cornish harbour. Together they bring the harbour to life for this three day annual event and provide Newquay with a showcase to be proud of.

Newquay harbour is less well known for its excellent beach, a favourite of local families during the busy Newquay holiday season. During the Fish Festival the beach is alive with family activity: sand castle competitions, Punch & Judy, Rock Pool shows and organised games and events.

You’ll probably see the famous Newquay Harbour Seals over the festival weekend.

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