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Friday 26 July 2019

When planning a holiday, most of us either want some time to switch off so we can relax, or an opportunity to explore and fit in the things we can’t find time for in our usual routines. I fit somewhere in the middle. I don’t want to spend the whole break doing nothing, but I also don’t want to end up feeling like I need a holiday to get over the one I’ve just had!

Natalie Roberts at Polurrian on the Lizard hotel grounds.

So when The Polurrian on The Lizard asked if I’d like to stay at the hotel with a plus one for a short health and wellbeing break (consisting of coastal walks, massages, kayaking and delicious food) I jumped at the chance.

Our visit to the hotel came at the end of a stressful week, so by the time we checked in I was ready to jump straight onto the massage table and stay there for hours. But by the end of the stay we had both relaxed so much it felt like we’d been away for a whole week! We had been there for one night. Seriously.

Polurrian Beach, Mullion, Cornwall.

There’s just something about this hotel that instantly makes you feel comfortable and completely relaxed. Maybe it’s the stunning location, or the open and welcoming hotel layout. It might be the beds which feel like they belong on a perfect mattress advert or the super comfortable chairs you can fall onto at any time in the main vista. Or perhaps it’s the staff who were always so happy and friendly that I almost forgot they were actually working.

Whatever it is that makes this place feel so relaxing, I love the fact it doesn’t feel at all stuffy. You know those hotels you walk into where you instantly feel like you’re not dressed appropriately or like you don’t fit in? This is nothing like that.

Polurrian Beach with the hotel on the cliff-top.

As soon as we arrived, I was desperate to tuck into one of the hotel’s award winning cream teas. But we decided to go for a walk because having a cream tea for breakfast is kind of frowned upon and we wanted to explore the coastal paths near the hotel.

Living in Cornwall, we already knew the hotel’s surrounding area would be a stunning location for coastal walks but we had no idea how easily we could access the footpaths from the hotel grounds. Within five minutes we had arrived at the beach!

We decided to chill out on the walk, but if you picked up the pace you could easily make it into a full-on workout. And what better way to finish a Cornish coastal walk than with a cream tea? Healthier lunch options are available, but as soon as I saw that the hotel had gluten-free cream teas nothing was going to change my mind.

Since being diagnosed with gluten intolerance many years ago, I’ve found that places either totally get it and have plenty of options available, or they have no idea what gluten is and basically try to usher me out of the door quickly. Thankfully, The Polurrian on the Lizard gets it! So I tucked into that delicious gluten-free cream tea with more excitement than a child scoffing birthday cake. I was a little disappointed that I couldn’t have a gluten-free version of the full afternoon tea (which looked like heaven on a board), but I was informed that they can make a gluten-free version if given some notice. So if you fancy it make sure you call in advance to request one. And as I’m Cornish I feel obliged to say…please put the cream on top of the jam. The Cornish way is best.

Cream tea in Cornwall.
Afternoon Tea on board platter at hotel.
Hommade scone with jam and cream.
Cornish cream tea and scones.

We had a good balance of healthy and *ahem* not so healthy meals during our stay including fish of the day for dinner and Instagram-worthy poached eggs on gluten-free toast for breakfast. And those of you who have food intolerances or allergies will be relieved to find out that the menus all stated which allergens were included in each meal. I get so frustrated in places where I have to ask someone which meals are gluten-free, or worse still, when I have to look through the dreaded binder. I didn’t react to any of the meals either, so I think it’s safe to say they’ve got the whole cross contamination thing under control too.

As if chilling out eating fantastic meals while taking in an incredible view wasn’t relaxing enough, we also had a back, neck and shoulder massage during our stay which helped me forget all of my stresses from the week. In fact, it was so good that we’ve already checked the spa day rate for anyone who isn’t a guest at the hotel and we’re planning to go back.

Kayaing with Lizard Adventures
Kayaking through the rocks and caves at Polurrian Beach.

I think it’s fair to say though that the main thing that stands out about The Polurrian on The Lizard is the surrounding area – the view which is one of the best I’ve seen on all of my travels both in and out of the UK. The whole Lizard peninsula is stunning!

We chose to go kayaking with Lizard Adventure so we could fully appreciate the beautiful area from another perspective. The three hour session flew by as our guide took us along the coast and inside caves while pointing out various interesting facts about the area and the wildlife. It was great fun and a perfect end to our stay!

We managed to create a great combination of being active and relaxed on our short health and wellbeing break and we’d both repeat it again in a heartbeat. We felt genuinely sad to leave after just one night and as the hotel has recently announced the arrival of yoga sessions, something tells me we’ll be back again soon!

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