Exercise as part of Wellbeing: The key to a better life

Yoga at Polurrian on the Lizard

Monday 07 March 2022

In the modern-day quest for happiness, peace and good health, there are so many apparently magic remedies, elixirs of life and golden nuggets of wisdom flying around that it can sometimes feel that all of it is simply a fleeting trend, a marketing tool or an urban myth.

It can be hard to keep up with the latest advice on how best to look after ourselves, but, as usual, it is often best to keep things simple and to rely on tried and trusted methods to get those endorphins flowing.

The term ‘wellbeing’ can mean many things, but in essence it represents the practice of being good to your body and mind, being mindful of what you eat and drink, how you exercise, how you approach life, healthy sleep routines, and so on. It is widely recognised that mental health is absolutely as important as physical health, and that the two are intrinsically linked. The effects of mental health issues such as anxiety and depression are known to be kept under control by aerobic exercise, meditation, fresh air and good company. In other words, going for a swim with an old friend can help to maintain your mental health, as well as strengthen the heart and lungs, and give a dose of good old-fashioned fun!

Starting healthy routines is the key, making exercise a habit and a part of every week, and most importantly, keeping it fun! It shouldn’t be gruelling or a chore (unless maybe you are training for the 2024 Olympics, of course). Anything that stretches the limbs, gets the lungs working and the heart pumping will provide countless benefits to the body and soul. It sounds easy, and it genuinely is. Getting started is all there is to it, and these days there is a wealth of information at your fingertips on the best way to kickstart your wellbeing adventure, and to truly be good to yourself. Getting out for a good walk by the ocean is a fantastic way to get things moving.

As well as providing the perfect base for coastal jogs, walks along the famous South West Coast Path, sea swims and surf missions, Polurrian is a great place to get your wellness fix all year round, and to start to enjoy a more balanced way of life. With a heated indoor swimming pool, and seasonal outdoor pool, fully equipped gymnasium and treatment rooms managed by a team of expert therapists offering blissful, soothing and blues-busting massages and treatments, we have all you need to start feeling great! We also offer yoga classes, with expert tuition, Pilates, meditation groups, kayaking and surf lessons and a lot more, so if you are feeling the need to shake off the effects of a long winter, then come and get yourself moving and start releasing those feel-good hormones again. You deserve it!

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