Gluten-free Sunday Lunch

Thursday 07 November 2019

Is there anything better on a Sunday than going out for lunch before curling up on the nearest sofa feeling sleepy and satisfied?

It turns out there is actually something better… Doing all of that with an incredible sea view while watching a live performance by the voice of an angel. 

Add in a few cocktails and that’s exactly what my Sunday lunch was like at the Polurrian on the Lizard. In fact, writing this is making me desperate to go back!

The Woodfired Session at the hotel has everything I think a Sunday afternoon should have – seriously good food (with portions so big they managed to keep me and my insatiable appetite happy), huge and comfy lounge chairs so close to the restaurant I could almost roll from table to sofa after finishing my lunch, live entertainment from a local singer whose voice I will never forget and an uninterrupted sea view that made me second guess whether I was still actually in the UK. 

It really is the most unique Sunday lunch I’ve ever had and I’m thankful I was invited back to stay at the hotel so I could experience it.

Our local beacg Polurrian Cove.

We checked in for our stay at the Polurrian on the Lizard a few hours before lunch, so we decided to go for a walk along the nearby coastal paths before indulging in (what turned out to be loads of) delicious food. I’ve learnt over the years how to embrace the fit and healthy side of my life alongside the part of me that just wants to lay on a sofa all day sipping Mojitos, so I knew our plan of going for a nice long walk first would work perfectly. 

We’d walked a little way along the path during our last stay at the hotel, so decided to go further this time. It only took us about 10 minutes to arrive at the next beach along the coast, which was Poldhu Cove, followed by Gunwalloe Church Cove. It’s a gorgeous walk with stunning views and if you want to push yourself it’s definitely a clear enough path to run. We stuck to a fast paced walk as neither of us are big fans of running (definitely more comfortable throwing weights around a gym), but the ground is firm and the path is super easy to follow, so if you do actually like running this would be perfect.

I’d like to say we had a plan of where we wanted to walk, but the truth is we just kept going until we felt hungry. Then we went back to the hotel ready to devour our lunch.

Woodfired Sunday Lunch

Just like the last time we stayed at the Polurrian on the Lizard, I was pleased to see plenty of gluten-free options available. For some reason they’ve not got gluten-free specified on the menus anymore, but the staff all thankfully knew which meals were safe for each food intolerance. So I felt safe that I wouldn’t get glutened. And I didn’t. *cue celebratory fanfare*

The portions were a great size. So much so that we both considered not having dessert. But we’re not quitters, so we decided to share a gluten-free cream tea. And even though my friend isn’t gluten intolerant she very much enjoyed it, so it’s great to know the gluten-free scones taste good even in comparison to ‘normal’ ones.

If I’m honest though, the highlight of the afternoon was the Woodfired Session with local singer/songwriter, Charlie Louise. I’m about to go full-blown fan-girl now as I’m a huge fan of Charlie’s after seeing her play at a local festival this summer. 

She’s got a haunting voice – think Fleetwood Mac mixed with The Cranberries and Ellie Goulding. And as far as I’m concerned, her crystal clear voice was perfectly paired with the crystal clear sea view and sun shining through the full length panoramic windows in the background.

The fact we were watching Charlie while sipping cocktails and getting what felt like a cuddle from a humongously squishy sofa made it even better. And on that note, I think it’s only right I let you know how good the hotel cocktails (and mocktails) are. My love for rum is so deep I think it qualifies me as a pirate and the amount of rum-based cocktails on the bar menu kept this pirate super happy.

In my opinion, the best ones were the Cornish Storm and the Salty Wave. Trust me, try them. Or if you’re looking for a good mocktail I’d recommend the Madagascar – I have a major sweet tooth and this very much satisfied it.

I’m not sure if it was the filling food, calming cocktails or the crazy comfortable bed, but I had a completely undisturbed sleep at the hotel…if you ignore the one occasion in the night when I was sleep-talking so loud I woke myself up! But our whole stay was just as good as we remembered from the first time. I’d actually forgotten how relaxed the hotel made us feel before, but it totally worked its magic yet again.

Maybe it’s because the ocean is so close to the hotel, or because I don’t have to worry about getting glutened every time I eat (like I do in some restaurants), or perhaps it’s the calming atmosphere from the second we walked in the door… Whatever it is about this hotel that enables me to fully switch off, I’m grateful and I will definitely be back for another stay.

Polurrian on the Lizard, it’s been a pleasure yet again. 

Woodfired Session on a sunday
Room with a sea view

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