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In The Fold 2

Until 28th Sept

Penwith Gallery present sixty-five large scale paintings by Noel Betowski.

The Penwith Gallery is excited to host an innovative and intricate new show in the New Gallery by Noel Betowski, long term Member of the Penwith Society of Arts.

This is the chance for Noel to show all 66 of the vibrant large scale paintings he has been working on. Dating from 1979 to 2019, they are predominantly abstract and based on the concept of Entoptic Phenomena.

The paintings will be arranged as one, with 8 to 10 paintings displayed in a concertina shape in each of the alcoves so that they look as though they are joined up - producing one very impressive artwork which, if straightened out, would be over 200 feet. 

“Vision is supposed to tell us about the world beyond ourselves, but sometimes what we see is caused by the visual apparatus itself. Because they come from ‘inside’, they are called ‘entoptic phenomena’. Many of these phenomena are produced by shadows falling on the retina from opaque objects in the eye, but perception often filters these images out”

Adding a different perspective, the show also incorporates weaving by his wife, fibre artist Pamela Jane Betowski.

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