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Woodfired Sessions - ISYLA

Sunday 30th April

Thought provoking and beautiful music provides the lush backdrop for this Woodfired Session. Not to be missed...

Cornwall-based Lizzie and Amy – aka ISYLA – though a generation apart, share much. Both had a musical upbringing rich in folk music, which underpins their love for the melodic. Most importantly, the two are strongly bonded by their concern for their beautiful home, earth. This is soul-stirring music with a message; exactly what we all need right now.

Bursting with new songs to share, ISYLA began with their shimmering single Sapphire in January 2022. ISYLA’s follow-up to debut album Where She Walks is due for release in spring 2022. In creating Of Blood and Star, the two teamed with a live band comprised of talented session players: Lukas Drinkwater on bass (EMILY BARKER), Evan Carson on drums (KATE RUSBY) Kit Hawes on guitar (YOLA, SETH LAKEMAN) and Rob Pemberton on keys (THE STAVES).

Autumn 2022 saw the release of live track Catch You on the Ether recorded with multii-instrumentalist Ashley Height.

Woodfired Sunday lunch is available from 12pm-4pm.

ISYLA play at 4pm.

Woodfired pizzas are available from 6pm (or as a take-away).

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